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A Novel Takes Flight: The Invention of Wings, by Sue Monk Kidd

When I was in graduate school studying U.S. history with a concentration in race relations and racial violence in the South, I remember making note of the names Sarah and Angelina Grimké, the antebellum abolitionist sisters from Charleston, South Carolina. Their story intrigued me: sisters of privilege who had turned against the system of enslavement from which they benefited, and had become its outspoken denunciators. They’d scandalized their family, Charleston, and much of the country in the mid-1800s, when women barely were allowed to speak before public audiences, much less vote. After I graduated, I didn’t forget about the Grimkés, but life got busy, as it does, and I never made time to learn more about them.

Now, thanks to Sue Monk Kidd, I have….

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