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Introducing the LR 1927 Project

If you’ve read John Carter: Scapegoat for Anger and Inheriting Home: The Skeletons in Pa’s Closet, then you know about the 1927 Little Rock lynching and my connection to it. Or perhaps you’ve read about it on America’s Black Holocaust Museum. In October, I presented my one aspect of my history research at Without Sanctuary: A Conference on Lynching and the American South.

I’m happy to announce that I now am working together with the great-grandson of John Carter in our joint pursuit of racial healing and truth telling. We have begun an occasional newsletter about his film making and my writing, which I will post in the new LR 1927 section of this site.

You may subscribe to posts or ask to be added to the newsletter mailing list by sending me an email through the box on the lower right or by posting a comment. You also may wish to Like or Follow Inheritance on Facebook and Twitter, where I will be adding updates about this project and related topics.

Thank you for your interest. May we all move forward together.


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