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John Carter

When I began to educate myself about race relations in the South, I didn’t intend to focus on lynchings. Many members of my family had graduated from Little Rock’s Central High School, site of the 1957 desegregation crisis. So I began with that. Then I learned that I had a personal connection to the lynching of John Carter in Little Rock. Immediately, I shifted my focus to lynchings and racial violence in general, and to that event in particular.

I read widely about Arkansas, the Civil War and the history of the U.S. South, and began writing about it.  I enrolled in graduate school for professional training in history. During research trips to Arkansas I interviewed family members and others who were connected to the Carter lynching.

A new page, Essays and Presentations, will feature my history, creative writing, and presentations. The first posted is an account of the lynching compiled from publications of the day, along with a creative piece about my personal interest in the event. Both have been published by America’s Black Holocaust Museum.


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